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Shaftless Unwind/Slit/Rewind w/ Printing

The model 260 shown will handle webs up to 60" wide by 42" roll OD with 3" or 6" cores. Other models are available to handle rolls up to 60" OD and widths from 18" to 72" wide. The unwind and rewind pedestals operate with rolls up to 2500 pounds or heavier using motorized ball screws. A unique safety feature eliminates roll dropping due to loss of power. No pneumatic or hydraulic systems are used for roll lifting. Included are positive displacement edge guiding, dancer tension controls from .2 to 2.5 pli. Variable frequency drive or DC brushless servo will permit line speeds up to 1000 fpm. Razor or shear slitting is incoporated at the rewind end of the machine. Model shown includes optional video jet printer for applying bar code, date cod, batch number, and/or product number using visible or UV inks. Additional options include pneumatic splicing table, wind to length counter, laser pinhole sensors, auto blade positioning and duplex unwind. Operates from 230-240 and 440-480 VAC. Other models available for clean room, food grade, and medical applications. Special roll coverings also available. Machine was designed for paper, films, and non-wovens.