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Guided Rewind Machine:

This cantilevered narrow widtch rewinder is designed for web speeds up to 750 fpm or as low as 0-10 fpm. Includes dancer infeed tension control system and all electric edge guide control. Unit shown includes razor slitter option. Webs up to 6" wide can be accurately wound and tension controlled on virtually all web materials including paper, film, foils, composite materials, and adhesive backed laminates. Rewind roll diameters up to 28" x 1", 2", 3" and 6" ID cores. Optional casters for portable installations. Other options include food and medical grade applications using stainless rollers, shafts and hardware. Functions include run/jog, index options with servo and stepper drives and optional laminating head at infeed. Prewidred for 120 VAC. Can be installed in less than 1 hour. Other models available for wider widths, larger roll diameters, and multiple spindle rewinds. CE versional also available.