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600 Series Intermediate Dancer Tension Controls

Designed for applications requiring retrofits to existing machinery for tension control upgrades, as well as OEM applications. Numberous models are available for web widths from 8" through 100" with tensions from .5 - 5.0 pli. Ideally suited for indexing or sheeter type applications where varying line speeds would normally create uneven web tensions. the 600 series tension modules are totally self contained dancer systems which provide a fixed entrance and exit idler with a pneumaticaly counter balanced low mass dancer idler witha feedback potentiometer attached oto the pivot shaft. Simple 4-bolt installation onto exisiting machien frames or cantilevered mount for narrow widtch versions makes installation quick and easy.

It's modular design allows for changes to web widths and dancer travels in the field. Teflon lined, low breakaway air cylinders provide smooth web loading on the dancer arm without cylinder piston sticking.

Numerious options include 0-70psi air output into customers unwind brake or rewind clutch. Other options include 0-24, 0-90, and 0-180 VDC for control of electric brakes or clutches. Special roll coverings, low friction sealed and open bearings, ultrasonic dancer position sensing, PLC limit switch outputs and line speed tach options are also available from the factory. Certain models include microprocessor based, PID controls for dancer stability at line speeds up to 2500' per minute.