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Edge Trimmer

The Model 645 Edge Trimmer is a variable speed driven rotary shear blade with a fixed stationary hardened lower blade designed for use in restricted or hard to reach areas. It's unique design allows for rapid installation without the need for driven shafts or mechanical connections to the customers machine drive. The speed of the blade can be either manually adjusted from 0-1750 rpm, or an optional line pseed follower can adjust the blade speed to follow machine speed.

The entire unit is compact, weighing less than 30 lbs and is easily mounted on a 2" crossbar. Other mountings include sideplate or top mount as standard configurations. The male knife is a standard circuilar blade which can be changed in minutes. Preset side loads are assured using a stop flange machined into the rotating mandrel.

The control is prewired for 115 VAC and is supplied with a 10' cord for the motor to the control enclosure. An optional coil cord is also available. The control enclosure is a 10x12x6 NEMA 12 and includes an on/off switch, speed control, and fuse.

The unique pencil blade is precision ground from ultra-hard tool steel and has a total of 16 cutting edges. Each end of the pencil is mounted on a precision machined angle which assures leading edge contact against the rotating blade for continuous shear cuts.

The unit is designed for tangential in-line cutting at line speeds up to 1500 fpm on nearly any type of web that can be cut using standard shear techniques. Cut qualities are excellent and applications have included paper, films, composites, light board stock, fabrics, fiberglass stranding and laminates.