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Vacuum Pull Rolls

Often times a web with a wet surface such as a printed film or adhesive backed product must be pulled without the use of a nip or "S" wrap drive. The most common method is the use of a driven belt or vacuum pull roll. Conveyor belts require long distnaces and still can allow slippage of the web. For this reason, vacuum pull rolls have found wide acceptance in the convertin industry to to the high tensions they can create without touching the front surface of the web.

Wagner Industries has created a unique micro-groved machined surface in aluminum, stell, and stainless tubular rolls up to 24" diameter and as long as 100" face. Typical TIR runoutes can be controlled to within .002" for stable linepseeds and tensions.

Typical sizes manufactured are 6", 8", 12", 16", 20" and 24" diameters with face widtchs from 6" through 100". Various journal configurations and mounts can be made for exact customer specifications.

A very simple design without internal baffles or screens reduces the price in comparison to other manufacturers units. A simple external Teflon baffle sheet blocks off the unused portion of the vacuum rolls face. Rotary unions provide the external vacuum supply from either the customer's manifold or Wagner Indusustries' vacuum pumps.

Numerous variations such as special plating, vacuum pump systems, filters, and remote vacuum controls can be supplied to customers specifications.